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Although we’re probably most famous for that giant Goose monument hovering over the Trans Canada Highway…if you stop there, you’ve really missed out on some of the best stories and places beyond that famous Goose. Wawa has long been a place where friends and family meet to enjoy a remote fishing vacation, pick blueberries, or take time to reconnect with nature and each other along the shores of the Great Lake Superior.

Make Your Stay An Adventure

Whether it be power sports, hiking, canoeing or just relaxing near some waterfalls
Winter Activities

Winter Activities

We are never short of snow

Wawa is surrounded by lakes and trails which provide you with many opportunities to explore by snow machine, snow shoes, or cross country skis. Don’t forget to check out our annual ice fishing derby that has many great sponsors and prizes.

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Nature & Relaxation

Nature & Relaxation

listen to the sound of the waves

Wawa is home some of the most beautiful beaches, waterfalls and parks in Ontario and the best part is, they are just minutes from town! If you are an outdoor enthusiast or just an average joe looking to connect with nature these are a must!

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Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure

From day trips to overnight stays

Wawa is the real outdoors in the heart of Algoma Country. If multi-day trips are what you are looking for or just a light hike to see a waterfall, Wawa has it. Wawa not only sits beside its own inland lake (Wawa Lake), we are nestled beside the greatest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior.

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The Wawa Goose

The most photographed landmark in North America

YES! It’s the largest of its kind in Canada and one of the most photographed landmarks in North America. Why is this huge monument of a Canada Goose standing poised over the junction of the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 101? Well, way back in 1960, the last link of the Trans-Canada Highway was finally completed linking Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie and Western Canada. The folks in Wawa fought long and hard to see the road completed and although they were glad to see it reach their front doors, local businessmen were a bit disappointed that the highway actually by-passed the downtown core of the community.

So one of Wawa’s local entrepreneurs of the day, Mr. Al Turcott, a very creative and ingenious man, felt that Wawa needed something that would stop highway travelers and invite them to come into town. You can imagine the reaction of some of the townsfolk to his idea of a huge statue of a Canada Goose made of plaster. Well, the fact is that this has become Wawa’s “Claim to Fame” and our famous goose has welcomed millions of visitors.

What we have to say


Even though Wawa is famous for it’s goose at the Hwy 17 and Hwy 101 junction, I believe that water is the most remarkable thing. Not only is there a fresh water lake in town, we have the most Superior Lake. Come to Wawa to see the Goose, stay for the water.

Brian Lachine
Assistant Director of Community Services & Tourism

Surrounded by large beaches on large bodies of water.

Ahhh Summer! The weather is hot yet most days we still get a cool breeze off of Lake Superior. The locals are getting off work and heading down to the beach with their family and friends and visiting some of their favorite hidden spots while enjoying outdoor activities, like fishing on Lake Superior. The tourists are in full swing exploring the area, camping close by and maybe even capturing a picture with our famous goose.

Summer is one of the best times to be in Wawa. Make us your summer vacation destination this year. Trade the cell phones and computers in for fishing rods or ATVs. Trust us, at the end of your stay you won’t want to trade back!


Highway 17 has never looked so beautiful.

The hot summer days are coming to an end as the weather begins to change. The wind is strong and the rain is starting to fall. However, during this season we are blessed with something beautiful; a magnificent change in our surroundings. What was once a vibrant green has now turned to a crisp orange, red and yellow color and the scenery has never looked so good.

Autumn is a great time for Wawa. A number of recreational activities start again, the kids go back to school and some would even say it’s the time of year that is the most beautiful. Jump in your car, grab your favorite fall beverage and enjoy making a connection with the natural beauty that surrounds us!


There’s a lot of snow, but we embrace it.

Winter, the time of year in Wawa that needs no introduction. The snow is endless and the temperature is low, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. Wawa Lake is frozen solid and the famous ice caves along Lake Superior have formed. You’ll have to see for yourself just how beautiful they are. When you’re not out enjoying the snow the best thing to do is cuddle up beside a wood fire with your favorite drink and closest friends.

Snow machine enthusiasts come from near and far to experience the glorious Wawa winters. The deep “pow” is what they are after and the deep “pow” is what they get. We can’t forget to mention the Annual Wawa Ice Fishing Derby that keeps getting bigger and better each year and is fun for the entire family! If you travel to Wawa this winter, our only advice is to pack warm!


The best time to see a waterfall and get out on the boats.

Unlike the ever popular song, Waterfalls, when you come to Wawa we encourage you to go chasing waterfalls! There really is no better time to do so. The snow is melting and the water is running faster than ever. Although many of the known falls are marked by signage there are a few hidden ones that you may have to stop by the Tourist Information Centre to find out about.

Plan your vacation to come visit us and we will help you plan your adventure exploring the waterfalls. Don’t forget to take a moment to breathe in the crisp fresh air that surrounds you. With many hiking trails, canoe routes and large lakes, you might find yourself planning your next visit before you leave.

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