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Explore the beautiful trails that surround us

Follow the beaten path or carve your own journey throughout one of Wawa’s extensive trail systems. Whether you are staying in town or exploring the shores of Lake Superior, there are hiking trails for every skill level. With a growing community of hikers, walkers and trail runners in Wawa, there is always someone out on an adventure. To get more information you can call 705 856-2244 ext 247 to find out the place to go and meet that trail need. Be sure to pack your trail map, lace up with good boots or trail runners and a few bottles of water. Endless trails are waiting for you!
Mr. Vallee Park Trail

Mr. Vallee Trail begins approximately 2.8 km Northwest from the Tourist Information Centre in Wawa at the corner of Montreal Ave. S. Mr. Vallee made it his mission to make sure everyone enjoyed what Wawa has to offer. Through painstakingly hauling cement to make stairs and digging a drainage trench by hand, he created a special in-town trail that needs to be enjoyed! 1 km down the trail you come to Anderson Lake, full of Speckled trout and great swimming locations.

Length: 2.8 km (linear)
Hiking Time: 45 min – 1hour
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Moderate

Voyageur Trail – High Falls to Silver Falls

Local history makes this an interesting hike or run. Used as a portage during the Hudson Bay days, this trail follows the Magpie River as it works its way to Lake Superior. Enjoy lunch at the base of Scenic High Falls or bring your camera for the majestic Silver Falls.
5.3 km South of the Tourist Information Centre off Highway 17. Turn at Michipicoten River Village Road and follow signs.

Length: 3 km (lineaar)
Hiking Time: 1 – 1.5 hours
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Moderately Demanding

Silver Falls Trail
Silver Falls is actually several waterfalls linked together as the water flows to the Michipicoten River. This trail, though short, allows the hiker to enjoy the solitude only Wawa can provide. Take your time and let the moving water wash away your worries


Length: 500 metres (linear)
Hiking Time: 30 min.
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Easy (Family Suited)

Wawa Lake Beachfront
Waterfront trail from Lion’s Beach to Dr. Rose’s Beach.

Length: 2km (linear)
Hiking Time: 30 Min.
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Easy (Family Suited)

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Peat Mountain Trail
One of the more longer and technical hiking/running loops in Lake Superior Park, Peat Mountain Trail brings the adventurer to granite cliff look outs, marshland landscapes and in the distance, Lake Superior.

Length: 11 km Loop
Hiking Time: 3 -5 Hours
Campsites: One at Foam Lake
Difficulty: Demanding

South Old Woman River
Hwy. 17 South, across from entrance to Rabbit Blanket Lake campground.
Looking for a great summer or fall hike for the whole family? Look no further! Because of high water levels, this hike usually not possible in the spring. With a scenic waterfall at the end of this trail, you pass over boulders, cedars roots and newly installed bridges. This trail is a great place to snowshoe in the winter too!

Length: 3.3km
Hiking Time: 1-2 Hours
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Easy

Trapper's Trail
Hwy. 17 South, just South of Gargantua Road.
Trappers Trails is a loop that consists of board walk, scenic lookout platforms and a ton of wildlife! Take some time to look for tadpoles and salamders as you take in the sweet smell of Cedar and Balsam.

Length: 1.6 km Loop
Hiking Time: 1-1.5 hours
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Easy (Family Suited)

Nokomis Trail
Hwy. 17 South, parking lot at Old Woman Bay and walk across highway.
With the view of Old Woman Bay located in numerous locations, Nokimis Trail is worth the climb! Wheteher you decide to start this trail clock or counter clockwise, pack a lunch and a camera as you experience a local favourite. You can park across the highway at The Old Woamn Bay parking lot and spend the day enjoying everything Lake Superior has to offer.

Length: 3.0 km Loop
Hiking Time: 1.5-3 hours
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Moderate

Orphan Lake Trail
Hwy. 17 South, South of Gargantua Road (15 km)
Pack your trail running shoes for this amazing trail. As you follow the trail towards Orphan Lake you will have opportunities to see wonderful stands of poplar and birch. The lake itself is a destination for fishermen.

This trail then circles the lake as you experience granite cliffs, the Baldhead River and waterfall and fantastic views of Lake Superior.

If you are hiking, bring a snack and spend time on a secluded Lake Superior Beach or cast a line at the mouth of the Baldhead River.

Length: 8 km Return
Hiking Time: 2-4 hours
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Moderate

Agawa Rock Pictographs Trail
Before you go, pick up a copy of “Spirits on Stone” by Thor Conway and/or chat with staff at the Agawa Visitors centre. This will give you a deeper appreciation for what you are about to experience.

Walk into history as you make your way to ageless paintings on the Shore of Lake Superior. As you wind through ancient forest you can sense the power of the paintings and the lake. Take time to enjoy the pictographs and watch your step – the rocks are slippery! Bring a camera and leave only foot prints.

Hwy. 17 South, just North of Agawa Bay.

Length: 4 km Linear
Hiking Time: 30-40 minutes
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Moderate

Piguisibi Trial
Enjoy the sounds of rushing water as you make your way over smooth boulders and ancient cedar. The Sand River is a destination of fisherman from all over the world but running and hiking the trail is an experience on its own.
This trail has washroom facilities, a picnic area and unbelievable scenery. It is a linear trail that is worth every step.

Length: 6 km Return (Linear)
Hiking Time: 1.5-3 hours
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Easy

Awausee Trail
As you arrive at the first look out on the Awausee Trail, you will take in a view of Agawa Bay, Agawa Bridge and of course, Lake Superior.
The trail climbs for a kilometer or so before it flattens out through the dense forest of Birch, jack pine and Cedar. With three separate lookouts, the views are some of the best in the park.

As you descend, you will pass over creeks (that flood in spring) and slippery rocks that require good footwear. As you head back to your vehicle you will travel on a old logging road. An amazing hike in an amazing place!

Hwy. 17 South near Agawa River.

Length: 10 km Loop
Hiking Time: 45 minutes Return to 1st lookout or 4-6 hours
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Demanding to Very Demanding

Towab Trail
Frater Road on Hwy. 17 South.
Lace up your boots or running shoes because this trail is epic! Forests of Oak, Maple and Birch? Yes! Classic white water river? Yes! One of the largest waterfalls in the park? Yes!

The Towab Trail is a classic Northern Onatrio trail. Bring a pack and stay the night along the river, or enjoy the perfect long run. Not to technical but extremely scenic.

Length: 24 km Return (Linear)
Hiking Time: 3-4 hours or 10-12 hours (overnight)
Campsites: Two at Burnt Rock pool Four upriver & below Agawa Falls
Difficulty: Moderate or Very Demanding

Crescent Lake Trail
Hwy. 17. S. just North of Montreal River Harbour at Crescent Lake Campground.

Length: 1.2 km Loop
Hiking Time: 30-60 mins
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Easy (Family Suited)

Costal Trail - Section #1
1. Orphan Lake Trail
2. Katherine Cove
3. Gargantua Harbour Road (14 km in from Hwy. 17)
4. Sinclair Cove (pictographs)

Section #2 – See Pukaskwa National Park

Length: 41 km Total Distance
Hiking Time: Day trips or up to 6 days
Campsites: Numerous Designated Sites along trail
Difficulty: Very Demanding

Pukaskwa National Park

Costal Trail - Section #2
If you are stoked about suspension bridges, secluded Lake Superior bays and beaches and wild life then this trip needs to be on your list of “must do’s”.
Whether you spend the cash for a boat shuttle (www.lakesuperioradventures.ca/boat-shuttles) or do the “there and back” this coastal trail will meet all of your hiking needs. Beginning at Hatti Cove and the parks visitor center the trip brings you through controlled burn interpretation, marsh board walks to the beautiful Playters Cove. As you pass this amazing place you work your way to the White River Suspension Bridge. You will want to take some time here and enjoy this amazing gorge.

The trail then heads in land through rivers, over bridges and pops out to views of Lake Superior. There are numerous river crosses that require a safe technic (undo you pack and wear shoes). Stop at places like Fish Harbour to experience amazing sandy beaches and the fresh air of Lake Superior.

Always have an emergency plan. Bring a Delorme InReach or a Spot. Pukaskwa Park has a mandatory information session for users of the water and land trail. Call ahead of time to let them your itinerary.

Start your plan!

Length: 58.7 km
Hiking Time: Day Trips or up to 2 weeks
Campsites: 12 Designated Sites (1/2 – 1 day’s hike apart)
Difficulty: Very Demanding

Wakami Lake Provincial Park

Height of Land Hiking Trail
From Wawa-Hwy. 101 to 129 to 667
From Thessalon-Hwy. 129 to 667

Length: 75 km
Hiking Time: 25 hours
Campsites: 12 Designated Sites (1/2 – 1 day’s hike apart)
Difficulty: Very Demanding

White Lake Provincial Park

Deer Lake Trail
Hwy. 17 North between White River and Marathon.

Length: 2.5 km
Hiking Time: 45 mins-1 hour
Campsites: None
Difficulty: Easy